Top PPC Blogs and Must-Read Resources

Finding credible resources where you can find the latest tendencies in the digital marketing world might be a complicated task. Therefore, to help you deal with this, we have gathered top 10 must-read PPC blogs and resources you should follow. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got here!

1. Search Engine Land

search engine land

Search Engine Land offers valuable insights on SEO and SEM dividing them by specific industries and platforms. Here you can also find the latest news in the world of PPC and recent advertising policy updates. Search Engine Land also shares informative webinars and research reports to learn more about customer data and marketing automation to create better digital experiences.

2. PPC Hero

ppc hero

PPC Hero is one of the most popular and established digital marketing resource. It is created by Brainlabs, one of the influencers on the online marketing market. PPC Hero offers advanced options for guest posting. By joining PPC Hero, you have a chance to join a worldwide community of professionals from various industries and directions to get exquisite insights and learn real success stories.

3. Teamedia

teamedia - top ppc blog

It would be unfair if we didn’t mention our blog in this list. One of the key features of the blog is its focus on tech & software companies. Teamedia is a team of professionals who have acquired proven expertise in growing tech and SaaS brands. We are ready to share our unique recommendations on scaling your accounts, best practices on profitable methodologies and tactics, and valuable insights of industry experts on the future of the PPC world.

4. Klientboost


Klientboost blog is one of the top must-read PPC blogs that offers complex articles you may trust. Here you may find well-structured information and guides on CRO best practices, analytics tools, and email marketing funnels. Check out one of their recent posts “Omnichannel Marketing: 14 Strategies To Drive More Conversions” to get familiar with practical ways to help you make the most out of your paid acquisition marketing strategy.

5. WordStream


The WordStream blog has one of the most thought-through structure. Here all the info is divided into separate topics: SMM tips, online marketing tips, landing page tips, social media advertising, Google Ads help, Facebook marketing. Whatever question you might have relating to these topics, WordStream gets you covered. Definitely check it out!

6. Clix Marketing PPC Blog

clix marketing

Clix Marketing agency is one of the proud members of PPC Chat. So you can be sure of the quality and credibility of the information they share. We have already reviewed their post on DuckDuckGo advertising and learned expert opinion on privacy-focused search engine marketing. Check it out to make sure you are aware of all the valuable tips.

7. CX Optimization Agency

cx optimization agency

CX Optimization Agency posts amazing long reads covering conversion optimization tips and tactics. Here you will find best practices on landing page optimization and CTA enhancement as well as market-focused insights. Definitely worth reading!

8. Semrush


Semrush will share its knowledge and skills in SEO, content marketing, paid media, and social media. You can visit the blog to learn more about how to perform an SEO audit of your website, uniques tips of market analysis methodologies, and local business directories. Besides, you may often find here essential Ebooks ready for download.

9. Loves Data

loves data

Loves Data is one of the top PPC blogs which specializes in data analytics and conversion tracking. Following their blog, you will stay aware of recent updates and get access to ultimate guides and setting tips. You can also get a chance to pass their free analytics course to revise your knowledge and learn something new from the leading experts.

10. Search Engine Watch

search engine watch - top ppc blog

Search Engine Watch is the authoritative guide to SEM and SEO offering the latest news about search engines. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn more about Adwords tips, mobile attribution, and ranking factors to outperform your competition and keep on track.

If we missed some blog or PPC resource you would definitely recommend following, let us know about it in the comments. We will certainly add it to the list.