Teamedia Agency’s CEO Denis Yurchuk Is Optimizing and Standardizing the Operational Footprint of Products With a Lean Manufacturing Foundation: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2015 and based in Minsk, Teamedia is an independent digital marketing agency. The professional and creative group concentrates on advertising for the B2B market in the tech and software domain. Teamedia PPC agency specializes in paid acquisition and sale generation through performance marketing, web analytics, and conversion rate optimization. Using a data-driven strategy in PPC marketing, Teamedia supports firms to boost their sales and get their business to the next level.

Teamedia’s technical expertise supports high-growth firms that analyze, optimize and manage digital advertising campaigns at scale to grow their sales and profits exponentially. It focuses on one digital marketing channel – paid ads and makes sure that the clients get business results. The experts’ team works with a handful of clients to understand the businesses we promote. The organization aims to become a remote extension of your team and your innovative technology companion for years to come.

COVID-19 has challenged every business globally and forced all of us to rethink how we operate entirely – Denis Yurchuk told the GoodFirms team in an exclusive interview. While an ill-fated situation all around, the past year did present valuable insights that we can’t overlook going forward.

According to Denis, Teamedia has always been at the forefront of innovation. Yet, there has never been a more engaging—or challenging—time for Teamedia, as technology and issues such as sustainability and social accountability develop the tech industry’s future.

Further, Denis says that “I am the CEO of Teamedia. We are an independent digital marketing agency concentrating on paid acquisition and demand generation for SaaS and tech companies globally. We have solid skills in Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Bing, Twitter, Reddit, Capterra Ads, data analytics, and conversion rate optimization. We have obtained an exclusive portfolio of successful projects throughout our operation and cooperated with the market leaders. Our main goal is to help enterprises grow and scale with the help of review marketing.

My goal as the CEO is to guarantee long-term partnership with our clients through a high level of service, outstanding communication, and industry-proven solutions.”

Talking about the idea behind starting the business, Denis mentions that “the modern world is about digital transformation. The prominent leaders on the market who know this invest in marketing and win the game. Ergo, Teamedia has always needed to bring value and offer up-to-date solutions. That’s why we chose to convert a part of this direction and help businesses get to the next level, thanks to the powerful performance marketing tools.”

Moreover, when asked about the business model, Denis says that “we have 25+ in-house specialists and a dedicated team solution. We usually assign a team of 3 professionals to a project: PPC Specialist, Project Manager, and Account Manager. They work with a client directly and focus on the business goals. We ensure timely communication and send regular reports to keep our purposes aligned.”

Teamedia offers a wide range of services, solutions, and computing products. Yet, for Denis, the same company today is on the verge of a historic transformation as digitization frequently reshapes businesses globally and our everyday lives. While Teamedia historically focused on advertising and digital marketing services, more high-level technologies have recently taken center stage.

Denis explains further that “we act collaboratively within our organization as well as with clients. Our expert approach commitments as one team, pulling from one another’s creativity and expertise, and we’ll integrate with your staff to produce solutions that meet your precise needs. We firmly believe that through partnership—both inwardly and externally—we can handle any purchasing or advertising need your business may have, no matter how big or small.”

Thus, backed by such an expert team of marketing catering to clients with robust advertising campaigns endows Teamedia to lead as one of the best advertising agencies in Minsk at GoodFirms.

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Teamedia | Advertising review

Besides, Denis mentions that “Teamedia provides extensive account improvement based on the gathered data, testing new favorable segments over time and defining the best-performing directions. Our SaaS and tech market expertise helps us save time when implementing the strategy as we are now aware of all of the industry challenges and trends. Therefore, we offer cost-efficient solutions centered on elevating the brand and yielding new opportunities.”

Thus, analyzing the results of your business’s PPC strategy to ensure that your campaign is functioning at its best endows Teamedia as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Belarus at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of digital marketing services rendered by the Teamedia Agency.

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Teamedia | Digital marketing review

In conclusion, Denis mentions that “we specialize in PPC marketing for SaaS and tech companies from different industries such as FinTech, healthcare, online education, logistics, and others”. He also adds that “one of our corporate values is customer satisfaction. Our account managers conduct regular surveys among our customers to identify their concerts, identify areas for improvement, and take measures to enhance the service. 

In addition to this, we pay lots of attention to the project communication to make sure that everyone is heard and aware of the plan and strategy. Many clients admire our level of communication and appreciate our care and pro-activity. It’s not only about business. It’s about being sincere, open, and engaged. In our daily activities, we use modern tools like Slack, where we create a shared channel and answer any questions from our customers”.

Denis also boasts that “we know how to invest the budget wisely and benefit from it the most. Our team is excited to be treated as experts, to feel trust from our customers to make decisions and take responsibility. We are already on the way to getting to the top of actors in the digital marketing field. We are excited to become industry influencers, create trends, and deliver top-notch solutions.”

Thus, having read the information shared by Denis Yurchuk, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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