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How to Optimize your Google Ads with Search Query Reports

In PPC, the keyword pool is a basis to reach the goal and increase the profit. Conducting keyword research is a complex and long process, and guesswork will never bring you desired results. Thus you should analyze search query reports (SQRs) and make a data-driven decision. Before we move further in finding out what SQR is and how to work with it, let’s determine the difference…

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The keyword research strategy for B2B SaaS companies

Doing keyword research for B2B SaaS businesses might be tricky. Obviously, SaaS companies should build their SEO strategies around their brand name and their product category (e.g. “Appointment scheduling software”, “CRM software”, etc.). However, Google processes almost 63,000 various search queries per second. Therefore, if your keyword list is tied to the name of your brand and product only, you may be suffering bad times….

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Top Keyword Research Tools

Whenever you type a request into the search box looking for something, you get search results related to the words in the search box. That means if you want your ads floating around the Internet you have to put it on a keyword. Therefore, to ensure that your ads are shown for relevant search requests, you need to do thorough keyword research. In this article,…

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