FAQ: why are Google ad extension or ads not showing?

Sometimes when you post an ad, you may face such a problem: ad extension or ads not showing. There’re a few tips you need to follow to increase the probability of your ads and extensions to show up.

Ad extension not showing

Before your ad extension appears with your ads, you need to make sure that it is approved. You may learn more about the status of your ad extension here.

However, having your ad extension approved doesn’t guarantee it will show with your ads. The Google system dynamically decides whether to show up your ads with extensions or not. It depends on a few factors: ad rank, quality, and the number of extensions. 

Why you need ad extensions?
Ad extensions (usually showed on the Search Network) enhance ad performance. Such ads look more credible to users and make more users click on them. Among extension types, you may find location, callout, price, and others.

Improve ad rank

The probability of your ad extension to show up depends on such factors as ad rank, quality of ads, keyword bids, landing page experience, and past performance history. Make sure to enhance your ad rank for your ad extensions to show and increase the conversion rate.

Call extension: verify your phone number

If your phone number isn’t verified, your ad extension won’t be approved. 

You can verify the number using one of these three ways:

  1. Add the phone number to the website linked with your ad.
  2. Add your unique ads conversion tracking code snippet to the landing page linked with your ad.
  3. Link your Google Search Console and Ads accounts.

Useful tip. If you’ve enabled call extensions with a Google forwarding number, make sure to get a minimum number of clicks in a four-week period for a forwarding number to show up.

Sitelink extension: follow the policy

To get your sitelink extension approved, make sure you follow Google policy. Also, add a minimum of 2 sitelink extensions to serve.

Location extension: connect your ad account with your Google My Business account

For your location extension to show up, make sure to connect your ad account with your GMB account. Also, remember to verify your local business location address in your GMB account.

Callout extension: ensure following the policy

Showing a callout extension depends on a number of factors:

  • Your keyword’s quality and maximum CPC bid
  • The position of your ad on Google search result pages
  • The relevance of the landing pages of your ads and callouts
  • The relevance of other ads on the page
  • Other ad extensions that are enabled in the campaign
  • The search term used by a potential customer

Make sure to follow the policy and improve the ad rank and ad copy relevance.

Lead form extension: link to your privacy policy

Other than ensuring following the policy and sharing allowed content, you need to link to your company’s privacy policy at the end of the lead form. You need to highlight that the data you gather won’t be shared with third parties.

Ads not showing

There are several reasons why you may not see your ad, even though it is running. For example, if you repeatedly search for an ad using Google Search but never click on it, you may stop seeing it. That’s because Google’s system detects the IP address of your computer, and stops showing you ads as it thinks you aren’t interested in the offer.

To diagnose the problem you can use Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool. It can help you make sure that your search ads are running without affecting ad impressions and performance.

Following these simple tips will increase the probability of your ad and ad extensions to show up. Let us know if you get any issues with the ads and our professional team will be glad to help you.