Facebook Ads best practices for tech companies and SaaS

According to Statista, Facebook is considered to be a social network market leader. In January 2021, it had more than 2.6 billion active users. Facebook is one of the most diverse social networks in terms of audience. It opens up various demographic targeting opportunities for software businesses to connect with their target audience. The only question is how to do this? What are Facebook Ads best practices for SaaS and tech companies?

Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. The company currently also owns four of the biggest social media platforms, all with over 1 billion monthly active users each: Facebook (core platform), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram – Statista.

Teamedia has gathered a list of valuable tips and best practices that help us bring value to our tech customers through Facebook Ads paid acquisition.

Why choose Facebook Ads for your software business?

One of the main advantages of advertising your software business on Facebook is the number of its active users and options for demographic targeting. If you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you can narrow your audience to the maximum and beat them directly. With the help of Facebook tech marketing, you will be able to reach decision-makers and sell your product to businesses. You will build intent around your B2C service offering, and take the most out of your marketing data and contact lists by creating custom audiences. 

Additionally, you can also target users by their interests and behaviours. You can research Facebook groups related to your software product niche (i.e. finance, healthcare, entertainment, or marketing) and target their users.

facebook ads best practices for tech companies
Why choose Faceebook Ads for my software business

Say you have an edtech subscription-based platform offering courses for programmers learning English. Then you can narrow your Facebook audience to the users of around 18-45 years old, interested in information technologies, programming languages and tools, whose native language is any except English. This way, you will avoid wasting money on the irrelevant audience and broadcast messages directly to your target buying persona.

Facebook Ads best practices for SaaS and tech companies

Specify your campaign goal

For tech and software businesses, lead generation and conversions are the most relevant campaign goals. If you want to get your users’ personal information such as name, email, phone number, choose lead generation as a campaign goal. If you are willing to generate sales or subscriptions, conversion-focused campaigns are a great option for you.

For tech and software businesses, lead generation and conversions are the most relevant campaign goals.

The campaign goal should be clear for Facebook algorithms to refer it to appropriate action and create a relevant audience based on this info. After installing Facebook Pixel on your website, it starts gathering data about user behaviour and creates an audience.

When choosing a conversion as a campaign goal, make sure that you had at least 25 conversions in the last 7 days to deliver the ad set to the relevant audience. However, if you got less than 25 conversions per week, try to set website events to the higher levels of your sales funnel and optimize them. When installing Facebook Pixel on your website, set up standard events in the Event Manager: page view, content view, filling out the contact form to book a demo or schedule a call.

Let the campaigns complete the learning phase

Don’t make any changes to campaigns until the end of the learning phase. To complete the learning phase, you need at least 50 optimisation events since its last significant edit. During the learning phase, campaign performance is less stable and doesn’t really indicate your ads’ success. Accordingly, editing a campaign within the learning phase resets learning and delays the system ability to optimize the audience relevance.

Choose all Facebook placements

To reach a wider audience, choose all ad placements offered on Facebook: feeds, stories, in-stream (for videos), search, messages, in-article, apps and sites (external to Facebook). Make sure to check ad banners, text blocks, CTAs buttons on each placement as they may differ.

In different ad formats, headline, description, and primary text are shown in a different order. Therefore, to avoid repetitions, you should not duplicate copies to the headline, description, and primary text. Try to be clear with your service in each of these components.

Check ads relevance

Facebook ads relevance is critical for your campaign performance. Let’s get back to our previous example of the English learning platform for programmers. It goes without saying if your ads will be shown to teachers or English native speakers, your ads aren’t going to be successful and will waste your marketing budget and resources for nothing.

You can check how relevant your ad is to your audience with the help of Facebook ad relevance diagnostics. This feature is similar to Google Ads Quality Score. The more relevant your ad copy, creatives, and destination page is, the higher score you will get. As a result, Facebook treats ads with a higher relevance score as more interesting and popular and leads to higher conversions.

Study your competition

Advertising is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about efficient strategies and data-driven decisions. Industry research and competitor analysis can tell you a lot about existing trends on the software market and challenges to form your USP, identify beneficial segments, and reallocate resources.

Using Facebook Ads Library, you can find useful insights on the best practices and implement them in your ads. You will find relevant ads and get some inspiration by specifying location, ad category, and keywords.

Ensure engaging call-to-action and unique selling proposition

The goal of advertising service is to make users either leave their personal info, book a demo, schedule a call, or start a free trial. You are probably not the only time tracking tool or marketing automation platform that wants to boost its sales and grow demand within this fierce competition. With your ads, you should state what differs your product from the others. Why should users choose your offering, and what benefit will they get?

One of the best practices to Facebook advertising is sharing testimonials from your previous clients. Adding a social proof or reference from a big brand increases your ad performance massively. For example, the message “Learn how Nike managed to optimize its marketing efforts by 75% with our marketing automation platform” will build trust around your product and make it easier for users to convert.

One of the ad peculiarities is that a user makes an instant decision. If they didn’t click on the ad, they can’t really get back to the ad they saw previously if they changed their mind. It’s critical to build the willing to go to the landing page and learn more about the offer. You should be clear with what you want your target audience to do: book a call, watch a demo, start a free trial. State it in your ad and make it look like it’s your last chance offer. For example, phrases like “Book a call now and get a 50% discount for the first month of our service subscription” or “Buy our time tracking tool subscription for 6 months and save up to $200”, you share what benefits users will get in this win-win cooperation.

How can Facebook Ads be efficient for my tech business?

Robust Facebook Ads paid acquisition strategy can help increase your SaaS product sales and strengthen your software brand. Finally, it contributes to growing revenue by generating high-quality leads with Facebook conversion-focused targeting capabilities. Following these Facebook Ads best practices for tech companies, you will be able to drive efficient demand by optimising your advertising spend. Teamedia is ready to share its best practices and industry-proven knowledge to build a profitable strategy and launch performance-based Facebook Ads campaigns ensuring positive ROI and increased conversions. Don’t hesitate and contact us today to get a free audit of your Facebook Ads account.

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